Perhaps we've met before, in one way or another.


You've stumbled on a picture, caught me indulging in an erotic adventure on film. Perhaps we've chatted once or twice online, or you've caught me at my most passionate and political on TV, radio or in print. 

However it is you've found your way here: I'm glad. Today we start making memories. Today is the beginning of an adventure, an experience - I can't wait to get started.

Well Hello There Stranger.



I'm an escort, activist, geek and erotic adventurer with a penchant for sharing my interests and talents with friends, lovers and fans. I came to this industry out of curiosity and a zest for life that has only evolved further over years of sublime experience.

Specifically, I'm Australian born and raised. Never in one place for too long, I've dallied in the country and the capital, only to return to Sydney and the gritty chaos of the city I love. My travels take me throughout Australia, Asia & Europe - or wherever there's good coffee, a comic book store and a red light district to explore.
I want to challenge and inspire you. I have maturity well beyond my years, a love of the finer things, like good food and entertainment, that intermingles with a youthful enthusiasm and wealth of interests ranging from arts and pop culture, to the seductive and wickedly naughty.
I'm known as much for my salacious interests as I am for my Geeky pursuits. My hobbies include gaming, building my extensive comic and collectables library and Cosplay: creating and commissioning the costumes worn by some of my favourite characters.
There's so many ways we can play. If you're as Geeky as I am, visit the Geek Goddess section of my site.


"Lucie's demeanour is light and playful much like a kitten. So playful but with just enough bite and scratch to keep you on your toes."



I'm as at home in the bedroom as I am on your arm and committed to making memories that will last you a lifetime. I have no time for fakery or performance - It takes two to tango and I'm refreshingly honest - Tell me what you like and I'll tell you what makes me purr. 
Slow, tempting, teasing gives way to undeniable and uncontrollable passion. I'm here because I want to be. Because I love to while away hours in the arms of a companion who can thrill my senses, has me matched in conversation and can't wait to explore every inch of my body.
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Visit 'The Basics' for an idea of what we can get up to in our time together. Here you'll also find information regarding the extras I offer, to make our appointment extra memorable. 
Am I heading to your part of the world soon? You can find out on my Touring page or if you'd like me to accompany you somewhere special, find out about my services as a Travel Companion. If you have any burning questions, they'll likely be answered here: FAQ but if you're still curious you can Contact Me with any questions. 

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"Lucie is a smart, confident, beautiful lady and she is extremely comfortable and extremely skilled at what she does..."

Lucie is an International Pornstar, Cosplayer & Activist.

She's been featured on the cover of Penthouse Black Label and in Picture and People Magazines as one of Top 100 Hottest Celebrities and Top Australian Pornstars.

Lucie can be seen on ABC'S 'You Can't Ask That', The Project, Pedestrian TV, ABC2's 'Australian's on Porn', PLGRM's 'Bedroom Business' and has been a regular guest on Radio Shows & Podcasts such as The Rubber Room with Ugly Phil on Triple M, KIIS.FM with Kyle & Jackie O, Sass Effect, Taboo Radio, Triple J's 'Hack', 2ser and 'The Hook Up' on Triple J.

Lucie is also regularly interviewed and quoted for publications such as, The Age, The Herald Sun, Impulse Gamer, Kotaku, VICE and The Daily Mail. Her writing has been published on as well as in SWOP'S peer publication 'The Professional.'

You can find Lucie as a panelist at events such as PAX, GX, The Festival of Sex Work and Cherchez La Femme as well as a performer, host and speaker at Sexpo Australia.

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